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Methods for project management

Each project is unique, that is why we create a wide range of solutions or methods for its development.

01. Construction Management

Delegate the planning and execution to our experts. In other words, we will take care of preliminary planning, scheduling, cost management and compliance guarantees.

In this way, we also supervise the design team, subcontractors and suppliers that are involved in the process of carrying out the work. In this way, we cover all the necessary technical procedures from its inception to its completion.

06. Stipulated Price

Basically, in this case, the prices and costs are fixed. No budget surprises. We will evaluate each component and factor seeking to make your projects more profitable.

Our team will take care of everything: labor, guarantees, management of risks, products, compliance with technical specifications and all the required services according to the established plan.

07. Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Another of our passions is the development of important engineering projects and public infrastructure. To meet these requirements, we have created alliances with specialized companies and with our same enthusiasm.

This part of our portfolio aims to contribute to national and municipal modernization. In particular, this modality facilitates the combination of the strengths of the public and private sectors.


08. Project Management

We can be part of your work team. We support even when a third party assumes the design, management and construction of civil works projects or infrastructure.

The focus of our project management is to reduce the risks, whether they are deadline, budgetary or technical related. We supervise the selection and management of subcontractors or suppliers that involve the entire project.

The daily construction methodologies are not always the most appropriate, nor precise to the needs of our customers. Do you have any special financing requirements or conditions in your project?

We can create new flexible strategies that, combined with our experience, could give you the impulse you are looking for to develop your ideas or projects. Each and every one of our solutions are carefully designed, well planned and well executed.


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03. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

We are passionate about team work. All under a single coordination and focused on a single objective: owners, engineers, designers and contractors brought together.

Decisions and responsibilities are taken together, always for the benefit of the good development of the project and not those involved in the contract: the risks and profits are shared between the client and our team.

02. Turnkey Contract or EPC

This mode is designed mainly for civil works project or large-scale infrastructure. Our teams will be responsible for all engineering, procurement and construction services.

In other words, delegate to our team the basic and detail engineering, purchase of materials and machinery, civil construction management, inspection, start-up, operation and management of all stages of the work.

05. Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

04. Design-Build

Our design and construction methodologies provide a comprehensive dose of efficiency in the projects. A collaborative approach that allows us to accurately assess the execution of the work.

We take care of the design and construction of all the structures and we also assume the risks associated with the costs and the quality of the works. Ideal when it comes to the successful and accelerated execution of the project.

We assume the risks on the final cost, guaranteeing the client a maximum price that can never be exceeded. In this way, the additional costs are our responsibility.

In these contracts, the negotiation is carried out under the conditions of the "Open Books" that, among other things, facilitate a relationship of trust based on communication and transparency amongst the project participants.


In addition to design, manage and build, Franco Infrastructure plays an important role in the development and financing of civil construction projects through Franco Management.

Are you looking for the best financing plan for your project? Let's talk! Our customized solutions adapt to any stage of the life cycle in which your project is at. We are the key step for the success of your ideas.

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